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Business Storage

Nobody likes cluttered offices, overflowing file cabinets and closets that are busting at the seams.  Between state regulatory compliance of your business records and the volume growth of them, it will become more difficult for your to cope with growing storage requirements.  By renting a storage space from us, not only are you keeping up with your changing office space requirements, but you are saving money by renting a less costly space to store your business records.  How about that extra office equipment you no longer need but do not want to get rid of?  We can help you with that as well and keep your investment ready to be used again when you expand.  Compare your office rent per square foot to our cost for a Lakeside Storage Unit per square foot and you will realize how much we can save you each month.  In addition, you will have more room to operate your business efficiently. 

Boat & RV Storage

Has Parking your boat, trailer or RV at your house become too much of a hassle?  Tired of having to move it every time you need access to something else?  Are you receiving violations from your Home Owner's Association?  Are you simply preferring a more secure location to keep your toys when you are not using them?  Let us help!  We offer Boat and RV storage for units up to 30 foot in length.  If Boat is under 30 foot, we can provide garage storage.  With our convenient access hours your trip to the lake or campground can be a your leisure and when you return you have a space ready and waiting for you.  Come by and check us out today!

Car Storage

If you need to store a car or motorcycle and want to keep them inside out of the elements, we have the solution.  Our variety of storage unit size can accommodate most needs.  Many cars can fit in traditional storage spaces measuring 10 feet wide by 20 feet long.  If not, a 25" or 30' unit will most certainly suffice.  If it is just a motorcycle or A.T.,V. you need to store, a 5' x 10" will do the trick.  Our units have full size garage style roll up doors.  Lock the door with a high security disc or cylinder lock and rest peacefully.  We also offer a variety of outdoor parking options that can accommodate all types and sizes of vehicles when it comes to Automobile Storage.

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